• EZ Light Wraps

    The fast & easy way to update basic strip lighting

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    Beautiful hand painted brackets update your bath in minutes.

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    Hide those bright LED bulbs instead of replacing your light!

    Installs in less than 5 minutes

    Quick & simple design

    Three pieces combine to update your bath lighting in less than 5 minutes, with no electrician or painter necessary.


    Those ugly bath bar lights.... So many of us have these, but too much hassle to switch out! Need to hire an electrician, buy a better light, spackle and paint the wall. And all those LED bulbs - so much glare!

    Beautiful Solution

    Update your lighting with no skill or tools necessary!

    EZ Light Wraps are a simple, elegant AND earth friendly fix to beautify your bath. Perfect for those who want a new look with little hassle. If you are unable to make permanent changes, don't want to pay a contractor or even have dozens of units to update - this is a beautiful fix!


    Current colors are (left to right): Brushed gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Gold over Silver, Brushed bright Silver, Dark Silver, Oil Rubbed Bronze w/copper - with Satin Silver (nickel) coming soon

    Use the inexpensive LED Bulbs!

    Update your lighting with energy efficient bulbs!

    Now you can easily and quickly update with the inexpensive LED bulbs, and the EZ Light Wrap PAYS FOR ITSELF! Hide any of the more energy efficient bulbs - save time, money AND the planet!


    EZ Light Wraps mean you can endlessly update without replacing. Those dated lights no longer are in the landfills! (Display from Batteries Plus)

  • About the inventor

    I invent things I need - knowing someone else does too!

    Marj Weir

    I've been a 'creative' for as long as I can remember. We all are - though some of us just have learned how to execute our ideas, and my background in graphic design was a huge help towards that end. I LOVE to solve problems, and create useful products.

    In my 10+ years in real estate I saw these lights time and again, and no buyer was excited. They made a bath look dated, and are always a hassle to replace - unless you replace with a shiny version of the same dull light. Generally you have to spackle and paint the wall, and if you keep it, the LED bulbs are more expensive to replace - and don't look good!

    EZ Light Wraps

    After showing hundreds of homes a 'light bulb' went off. These bar lights are everywhere and not a single buyer liked them. A dated, often rusty bar of mismatched bulbs looked terrible and now all will need to be replaced with LED lights. These fixtures are not always simple to replace either!

    EZ Bar Box

    I owned a bar and restaurant and we used the cheap bar box given by a liquor company. It held the olives, cherries, lemons and limes used in drinks and did not seal. Fruit flies, spills, dried fruit were often issues. In 2017 I came up with this design that seals each item separately, and looks good!


    It's 2018 and I'm in a business accelerator to get this off the ground! This modular storage system will save anyone that preps or stores food both time and money, making it easier to create meals in minutes - and clean up!


    Interested in our new EZ Light Wraps? Let us know if you have a retail/online site.

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  • Some Light Wrap brackets are injection molded plastic. We think keeping the lights you own, vs buying new and dumping the old, is better for the environment. As a Social Cause that we care about, we will donate 10% of profits to -

    Ocean Cleanup

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